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Florverde Sustainable Flowers

March 29, 2024

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Florverde Sustainable Flowers is one of the most complete standards in the market, based on more than 20 years of experience in the development, promotion and responsible implementation of sustainable agriculture practices. It audits and contributes to the continuous improvement of producers throughout their value chain at social, environmental and economic levels; It also has social level approvals with the Rainforest Alliance and Global G.A.P. at the environmental level, among other stamps of international relevance. Currently in Colombia there are 2,215 certified hectares, leading to 40% of exports being certified under this seal. See more from Florverde’ recent presentation here.

During the last 28 years, Florverde Sustainable Flowers has built a strong reputation and recognition in global, sustainable floriculture.

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Social Component

Florverde Sustainable Flowers meticulously audits the social component of the supply chain. This commitment to fair and ethical labor practices is evidenced by our certification and can be further verified by consulting the International Trade Centre’s Standards Map.

FSI Recognition of Florverde

Florverde is acknowledged as one of the most comprehensive sustainability schemes globally by the FSI. This international recognition underscores our dedication to sustainable practices within the flower industry. Additionally, Florverde is included in the “basket of standards” meeting the criteria of environmental, social, and GAP standards. Further details can be found on the FSI page.

Recognition in the Consumer Goods Forum’s SSCI Initiative

Florverde Sustainable Flowers Standard has officially been recognized by the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) after the Benchmarking process’s successful completion and the Benchmark Leader’s positive recommendation. The Consumer Goods Forum’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) offers practical guidance for evaluating sustainability in supply chains, setting industry-wide expectations. Through the SSCI Benchmark, third-party schemes and programs are evaluated, promoting harmonization in sustainability standards and continuous improvement. Florverde’s participation in this initiative underscores their dedication to promoting sustainability and innovation. This process is outlined on the CGF page.

Florverde Certification Highlight

Asocolflores is proudly certified by Florverde, and has continuously been working on initiatives that positively impact the environment, with Sustainability being one of their key management pillars. In the last five years it has managed to reduce energy consumption by 61%, and 44% of the water used by floriculture companies comes from rainwater. Additionally, and thanks to constant monitoring the use of chemical pesticides has been reduced to 43%.

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