Flower Trends Forecast: Petals with Purpose

June 4, 2024

International Floral Distributors, Inc (IFD) is a consortium of 12 floral distributors with 47 locations across the United States providing quality fresh flowers and florist supplies to leading floral decorators, designers, and retailers. International Floral Distributors has published Flower Trends Forecast annually since 2009 as part of their commitment to keeping today’s flower designers informed as to current wedding and event flower trends. Flower Trends Forecast is a service of International Floral Distributors, and is committed to studying the many factors that influence consumer floral purchases. This year’s trend is Petals with Purpose.

What is Petals with Purpose?

This trend emphasizes the importance of social responsibility within the floral industry, showcasing how floral businesses can have a positive impact on their communities. 

From ethical labor practices to cause marketing initiatives, discover how “Petals with Purpose” is inspiring the floral industry to align with consumer preferences for brands that make a difference. Join us as we explore how each bloom can sow seeds of positive impact and societal change.

Microtrend 1: FloraCommunity

FloraComm-Unity is about building stronger communities through collaboration and local support. Florists are encouraged to partner with local growers, artisans, and community organizations to enhance local economic development and foster unity.

Ways to Participate:

Microtrend 2: Charity Blooms

Charity Blooms encourages florists to incorporate cause marketing into their business strategy by creating special bouquets that support meaningful causes. From breast cancer awareness to veterans’ support, these partnerships have a dual purpose of increasing profitability and contributing to societal change.

Ways to Participate:

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