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Floriculture sustainability research is a growing field focused on developing and implementing best practices in the floriculture industry. Much of the research done in floriculture relates to areas of sustainability and often produces best practices for the industry.  

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) annually funds research in areas of IPM, water nutrition, lighting, technology, and other areas. This, along with other important and necessary research helps to advance our industry and provide best practices and guidelines for sustainable practices.

Currently, in addition to AFE’s research being funded, researchers are working on a variety of topics, including

In addition to these specific topics, floriculture sustainability researchers are also working on developing more comprehensive frameworks for measuring and assessing the sustainability of floriculture production systems.

Here are some examples of specific floriculture sustainability research projects:

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Floriculture sustainability research is essential for developing and implementing sustainable practices that can reduce the environmental and social impacts of the floriculture industry. By supporting floriculture sustainability research, we can help to create a more sustainable future for the floriculture industry and for the planet.

Contributions support floriculture research.  Please partner with us and contribute to support future research.